Archery and rifle hunts in central montana

Thank you for your interest in our elk / deer combination hunts.

We offer premium guided hunts in the Big Belt Mountains of Central Montana.
Our goal is to provide enjoyable, top quality hunting trips for Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Antelope.
All hunts are fair chase only.

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About Us

Avalanche Basin Outfitters is located in the Big Belt Mountain Range of central Montana, hunting district 446. The hunting area lies 23 miles northwest of White Sulphur Springs and consists of 46,000 acres of beautiful, mountainous, private ranchlands. Hunters have averaged 70% success on five and six point bull elk and 60% success on four and five point mule and whitetail deer over the last 40 years. The antelope we are harvesting average 14" in horn length.

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Rifle Hunts

In the 2022 season, 25 elk/deer hunters collected 20 bulls and 2 cows for an 88% success rate. 2 seven points, 6 six point bulls, 12 five point bulls and 2 cows were taken. 7 mule deer bucks and 10 whitetail bucks were also taken. They included 11 five points and 6 four points (western count). 6 bull elk and 2 whitetail bucks were shot at and missed this season. Our rifle hunters also passed up shots at 5 bull elk, 19 mule deer bucks and 29 whitetail bucks. Hunters averaged seeing a minimum of 125 elk per week/per person, including 8 to 12 bulls.

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Archery Hunts

During the 2022 season, 9 archery hunters collected 3 bull elk. The bulls consisted of 1 eight point, 1 six point and 1 five point. Shots were taken at 8 more bulls without success. Shots were passed up on 7 more four, five and six point bulls at 40 yards and under. An average day consisted of glassing 35 to 50 head of elk, including 5 to 12 bulls. During a full week of hunting, each hunter glassed in upwards of 200 elk, including 25 five, six and seven point bulls. 12 of the bulls seen will score between 310 and 370 P&Y points.

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Avalanche Basin Outfitters

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